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About Us

Happy Home Solutions has been helping buyers, sellers, tenants, landlords and others in the suburbs of Chicago since 2003.

We would love to be able to help you find the right home!

These days, we have far more renters and buyers than we have homes available.

We do place tenants, tenant-buyers and buyers regularly, when they take steps to show us they are serious and have the proper qualifications.

We first assist those who have already completed an application and sent us a bank statement showing that they have at least two to three months of rent in an account to cover move-in costs. (Security deposits range from one to two month’s rent.)

You can find the application at the top of our website,

Once you complete that and send your proof of move-in funds to our email address, we will set up a search to find a property that fits your qualifications.

We specialize in offering rent-to-own homes in great neighborhoods for reasonable prices and purchasing investment property through lease-option arrangements with sellers.

Our company includes professionals experienced in real estate investment, consultation, and property management. We work closely with a highly experienced team of mortgage brokers, realtors, contractors, inspectors, appraisers, attorneys, business partners, investors, credit repair specialists, and marketing and customer service specialists.

We concentrate on providing value to tenant-buyers through generous rent credit and additional incentives, such as closing cost assistance. We help tenants qualify for mortgages through credit repair, grant programs, and loan recommendations.

We satisfy the needs of seller-landlords by guaranteeing on-time monthly payments to offset the taxes, insurance and mortgage while offering a fair purchase price near or at market value. We provide peace of mind to seller-landlords by placement of qualified tenant-buyers who will care for a home as their own and work diligently towards the shared goal of a final closing.

We work hard every day to find a solution to whatever issue you face – whether you need to find a home quick, sort through the maze of financing options, sell a home for the right price, or fill a vacant property.

We achieve our success one Happy customer at a time!

For more information, call us at 630-780-HOME (4663) or

You can also call or text Adam at 630-697-4500 or Diane at 312-213-8137.

Reach Property Manager Betsy at 630-881-6504.

Reach Property Manager Jennifer at 312-286-1952.

Contact Rent to Own specialist Dre at 708-916-2927